Category: cGMP construction

Water Treatment – Pure Steam Generator

PURE STEAM. FROM STERILIZATION TO DIRECT CONTACT WITH A.P.I. BRAM-COR CPSG Pure Steam Generator produces dry, saturated steam, suitable for sterilization of pharmaceutical production plants, for direct contact with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, for Parenteral and Non-Parenteral dosage form applications. The steam, when condensed, meets USP requirements for Water-for-Injection. The steam is purified using centrifugal and gravity separation methods. […]

Water Treatment – Reverse Osmosis Systems

Entirely Made in Italy, CROS sanitary reverse osmosis system is designed to produce compendial purified and highly purified water through several water treatment steps, according to feed water quality and production needs. Bram-Cor Water Treatment Equipment for pharmaceutical lines and plants. A full understanding of the drug production process is the key concept for the correct […]